"That What word communicated via sound, painted makes manifest by the image" St. Basil the Great

We are Georgi and Mariya, a husband and wife team from Bulgaria

Our shop ArtByChimevi was born out of a desire to help Orthodox Christians find high-quality religious icons hand painted, something more and rarer these days. We have always seen this endeavor first as a ministry and second as a business. Our goal is to enable you, our Customers, to enjoy a closer relationship with God through the products we sell in our online store.

The Christian craft and the spiritual training toward making an exquisite Eastern Orthodox icon through the talent of painter have been rigorously preserved in the traditional technique of Eastern Byzantine iconography. This technique is extensively described in various icon manuals, also called "erminies". Our Christian icons are unique works of art, all true to their original counterparts. They are created for the sake of preserving traditional and theological values, but also the continuity and permanence of Eastern iconography as an art form.

Should you have any kind of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

With love in Christ,

Georgi & Mariya

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