Virgin Mary "Unexpected Joy" Orthodox Christian Icon

"Unexpected Joy" icon

The icon appears to be a traditional depiction of Christ and His Mother, however there here a  notable difference: blood is seen on the wounds from His Crucifixion.

Virgin Mary Unexpected Joy Orthodox Christian Icon

  For this miraculous icon, St. Demetrius Rostovsky tells in his book the following: a young man has a sinful life, but in his heart he had a sincere love for the Most Holy Mother and every day prayed before His icon with the words of the  words of Archangel Gabriel "Rejoice, Blessed, the Lord is with You "

 Once, when he was about to perform his usual sinful deed before he left his home, he knelt again for prayer before the icon." But Suddenly, he saw that wounds appeared on the Lord’s hands, feet, and side, and blood flowed from them. In horror, he exclaimed, 

“O Lady, who has done this?” The Mother of God replied, “You and other sinners, because of your sins, crucify My Son anew.” 

"You call me Merciful Mother, and you are always grieving me with your bad deeds!" 

 The sinner in repentance began to pray the Most Holy Mother of God for forgiveness and mercy, and she turned to Her Divine Son. Three times she begged Him to forgive the wicked man, but Jesus was unyielding.

Finally, the Virgin Mary tried to kneel before the Savior. 

"What do you want to do, Mother?" said The Savior, 

"I will stand on your knees with this sinner," she replied until you forgive him for his sins. Then Our Lord told Her: "The law commands the son to honor his mother. And justice requires the legislator to be a law enforcement. I am Your Son and I have to honor You. Be according to Your request. The sins of this man are forgiven and let him kiss my wounds as a sign of forgiveness! "

The sinner rose from the earth, approached the icon, and kissed the Savior's wounds with reverent fear. From that day he began to conduct a pure and godly life. Thus the Mother of God, through Her icon, turned the man away from the pernicious way of sin and gave him the unexpected joy of salvation. The miracle of the sinner's salvation was depicted on an icon that was called "Unexpected Joy"

Most popular storyline of Icon of The "Unexpected Joy"  shows a room where the icon of the Virgin Mary is present, and the young man is kneeling at prayer beneath the icon.

Virgin Mary Unexpected Joy Orthodox Christian Icon

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